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BRFSS Configuration Selection


Select BRFSS data from recent years (2011-forward) by clicking on a green bar, below.

Starting in 2011, improvements were made to the BRFSS sampling and weighting procedures to allow BRFSS data to better represent the Kentucky population. Most importantly, beginning in 2011, respondents using cell phones were included in the survey, while in previous years, only respondents using land-line telephones were included. Data from the earlier period are not comparable to data from 2011-forward.

The KY-BRFS data are maintained by the Kentucky Department for Public Health, Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Branch.

Data Notice/Alert

{{class BlueText Change to BRFSS Age-adjustment Age Groups:[[br]] On September 6, 2016, the age groupings used for BRFSS in direct age-adjustment were changed to conform with those used in Healthy People 2020. The two methods should produce very similar age-adjusted rates, but you should expect to see small differences.}}

Getting Started

Click on a green bar to open and close selections to see a list of measures available.

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